After you read the book, Oh The Places You Will Go, Go to this site and see how many balloons

you can collect as you travel along. Use your arrow keys to move around.

Click the balloons to begin. balloons.png

OK now it is time for you to go some place. Click on the airplane.

Then click on a state you would like to visit.

Ask your teacher for a 3x5 card.

Record the following information about the state you wish to visit:

What is the capital of your state?

What is the state flower?

What is the state animal?

What is the state tree?

What is the state song?

Suggestions for Follow-up Activities:


1. Display a United States Map somewhere in your classroom.

Post your 3x5 card on your state to share this information with others.

2. Create a powerpoint page showing a picture of your state and the 5 facts that you located.

Put all of the students' pages together to create a class powerpoint on the 50 states.